Sunday, September 19, 2010


It is Sunday, and the glories of the NFL are once more upon us. Today the Dallas Cowboys play the Chicago Bears, a team they should beat...just like they should have beaten the Redskins last week. So nothing is for certain in Dallas right now, as we don't know if the good Cowboys or the bad Cowboys are going to show up to play. On another front, the Texans now get their crack at the Redskins and should hopefully bring them back down to earth.

I didn't do any writing today, and I'm becoming just a little concerned I might be pushing too hard. I've had more and more trouble coming up with words, and I fear I might be drifting into writer's block. I'm very tempted to just take a mental vacation for a week and not worry about it. I haven't decided yet. After pushing out those four novelettes over the summer, and then adding ten thousand words to Argiope, it's just not coming natural right now.

I also did an interview with Lenka for her Lenkaland blog. This time we talked almost exclusively about CMT. I seldom mention my condition...except for the past couple of days because it's been giving me real trouble...and I'm trying to decide if that's a good thing or not. I try not to dwell on it except when it's making it's presence felt, and it's kind of like a suit of clothes I've slipped into and gotten used to.

But today starts Charcot Marie Tooth Awareness week, so for this week I will probably bring it up more often. It does matter, and it's something I have to keep adapting to all the time to deal with...even if I tend to deal with it by promptly trying not to think on it once I've adapted. For instance, it is now in my hands pretty good and I have a very difficult time using a pen or pencil. Some days, it's completely impossible. I can still type, but not as fast as I used to. Sometimes it's not as easy to forget about as others.

But that's for posts later this week. For now, it is time to pull out the chips and drinks, and get ready for some football!

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