Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Physically, I've been next to useless for the past two days.

My CMT has been acting up, and I've also been flattened with this crushing bout of lethargy. It's all I can do at times to get out of my chair. I'm not sure what has causes this, since I've been careful and I'm sure I haven't eaten any gluten lately. Sometimes, I guess Charcot Marie Tooth doesn't need a "trigger" to act up. I suspect it's the CMT because not only have I been extremely lethargic, but my hands have been trembling to the point it's very difficult to type.

And we certainly want me to keep typing.

Not only have I added ten thousand words to Argiope since I've dusted it off and unshelved it, but last night I had inspiration for my next "Shades" story while I lay there in bed trying to go back to sleep. Think young junior high ne'er-do-well getting crosswise with a hatchet toting Victorian farm wife type of tale. I've already got several scenes of this story fully realized in my head, I just need to string them together into a good yarn.

But I also need to get a move on and shake this lethargy off.

I have Rowan's therapy today, and I have to pick her up from school at twelve thirty to take her there. Fortunately, they have a Starbucks practically next door so I can caffienate myself into a vibrating frenzy while she is there. I also have to take Sheridan to a Cub Scout recruitment tonight, so I have to find the energy for that. But theres even more. The kids snacked on chips yesterday and took advantage of the fact I haven't had the energy to keep up with them.. So the carpet is sprinkled with chips and the house is scattered with debris of wild children run amok. And since my friend Cheri Galbiati is coming over to watch Rowan tonight while I take Sheridan for his Cub Scout encounter, I need to find the energy to muck the place out so Rowan won't be able to hide under all the mess.

I'm too old for this!!!!!

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