Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nate's Trip to the Post Office

So yesterday I needed to mail a book.

A fairly straightforward proposition when you think about it. Take book to post office. Get book in proper container. Pay money. Send book to destination. Can't screw that up....


So I waited in a line that would do any Dept of Moter Vehicles proud, shuffling along as the word "next" would occasionally get called. My turn finally comes, and I approach book in hand. Problem number one, immediately presents itself. I'm having a bad day with my CMT and my hands are shaking so hard I can't write. I explain this to the lady, who kindly offers to fill out the forms for me. Then, while she starts to do that, I reach into my pocket and discover that my case of the "stupids" that was going along with this bad CMT day had made me leave my wallet at home. So there I stood, with a long line of people behind me, staring helplessly at the teller who was looking askance at me. I felt very "special."

So I had to go home and get my wallet.

The lady let me hobble back to the front of the line when I returned...which came with it's own form of embarrassment...but I was willing to endure it to get my book mailed and get out of there.


On a brighter note, Dark Fire webzine has also agreed to do a review of my novel...possible in January. I hope they like it. Let me tell you, finding people to review your books is hard. But after wasting a bunch of money on ads, I'm coming to the conclusion that reviewers are the only way to get your books in front of readers. We shall see.

At least I don't feel so dumb today...but then I don't have anything to mail.

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  1. I think it was one of those days, Nate, and not just you. I know I had a vast case of the totally scatter brained going on, to the point that my boss was looking at me and wondering if she needed to lock me in a quiet room. And I don't have CMT as an excuse. I'll blame it on them changing my blood pressure medication instead...yeah, MAYBE someone will believe that. LOL