Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Big Five Oh....

...not me. Not yet. I still have another year before hitting that landmark of despair. What I'm referring to is hitting the fifty thousand word mark with Argiope. There were times I wondered if I would ever get close to this far with that story. I would get blocked on it, shelve it, get an idea, unshelve it, get blocked, shelve it, etc. Now I have a couple of ways to go forward, and I'm being slowed down by options as opposed to blockage...yeah, that didn't sound right to me either.

Anyways. since Argiope would be yet a third genre I would be writing in, I'm thinking of publishing it under a psuedonym. I've already published both fantasy and ghost stories under my own name, and have discovered that fans of one don't necessarily like the other. I don't think I want to confuse things further by adding another genre under the same name. Hmmmm... What could it be?

Nathaniel Hill? Daniel Crowe? Hobo Harry? Rufus the Wonder Dog?

Decisions, decisions. They all have their good points. At least I have some time, although it just occured to me I might need more than one, since I have a Christmas story unpublished and also might want to write general fiction one that steamboat story. Oh well, that's a problem for another day. For now, I just need to finish the projects before me.

Work, work, work!


  1. I'd say keep your name--no a.k.a. Leave that for the dynamos with a gazillion titles, and they want to branch out.

    Just think of the PR "The versatile and dynamic Nathan Hilliard has penned yet another riveting story. His ability to write in several genres shows his competency as an exciting wordsmith..." and so on.

    And about this 50 business. Life begins at 50!

  2. You may have a point...although I was really weighing the merits of publishing a story or two as "Rufus the Wonder Dog."

  3. Ah! Rufus. That would certainly garner attention, but how do you explain it when you're at a book signing? "Who's dog wrote this?" "I'm the dog"

  4. A very good question. And since I only own a couple of old cats, I don't even have a dog at my disposal to take to the signings. And somehow "Rufus the Wondercat"doesn't have that same "sizzle."

    I'll have to think on this one.

  5. Nate! Nate!
    HANNAH would love to go to signings with YOU!!!

    grrrr :)

  6. Oh yeah, I can already see the headlines.

    "Rufus the Wonderdog bites critic. Book get -6 stars."