Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adding to the Misery

So I went to bed early last night.

It was going to be good. I went to bed at seven thirty last night, intending to wake up at six thirty with a glorious eleven hours of sleep under my belt. Alas, it didn't happen. I woke up at twelve thirty, unable to get back to sleep. The whole reason I had gone to bed early was that I have been staying up late and only getting only four or five hours of sleep a night. Sigh, this little messup didn't help matters any.

Tonight, I'll try some melatonin. It's hard enough staying away from both the gluten and the casein without having to complicate life by being half dead from lack of sleep. I wonder if my caffeine consumption has something to do with that? Pretty much, if it's a liquid going down my has caffeine in it. I'm not sure if I could function without it...whether it is coffee, tea, or diet Dr. Pepper.

Dammit, a man has to have some vices! I have given all my others up, and caffeine is all I have left. I don't drink, I don't smoke...heck, I don't even ogle the pretty girls anymore. Without my caffeine...what's the point?

Sigh, day two of GFCF goes well so far. I've managed to strictly avoid all the bad stuff. Maybe a few more days of this and I'll feel a difference. Add a little sleep on top of that, and I'll be ahead once more. I'll be sure and pack a container of sugar in my laptop case for my visit to Starbucks today. When I just stand there tearing open one little packet of sugar after another, people start to stare. And it's a slow way to do things anyways.

Ah well, it's about time for the kids buses to come. Time to get moving.

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  1. I hear you. I was able to change my eating habits and give up a lot of things...but not my coffee.