Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Follies

My good friend and fellow author, Cherri Galbiati now has her new novel available on It's called Impact for Murder and it's a convoluted tale of the beleaguered wife of a small town Police Chief who takes in boarders during a hurricane while also contending with disappearing women and bodies turning up where they shouldn't be. If you enjoy murder mystery "cozies," then this one is for you.

On another note, the Dallas Cowboys will be playing the Houston Texans today. This will give them a chance of some slight redemption, or really dig a hole for themselves and the rest of their season. I used to be unhappy that their bye came so early this season, but not now. They need to reboot their season in the worst way possible. They have been playing flat, uninspired football and it needs to stop.

I'm currently writing on a short story or novelette called The Mushroom Man. I'm honestly not sure where I'm going with it, or if I'll even finish it, but I needed to get back to writing something...anything.  Sometimes those ideas that seem so brilliant late at night in bed are kind of weak in the cold glare of daylight. It doesn't matter, I still need to get to writing. It's just with the girl going to therapy for half days three times a week, and now the boy in Cub Scouts, I'm running out of good, quality writing time. Mondays and Fridays are now the only two days I have six hours of uninterrupted time...and remember, I'm not a morning person and usually don't start doing any really decent writing till after ten.

Ugh. I'm a night owl who can't be a night owl anymore. That's my real problem.

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  1. Nate--thank you very much for the shout out and posting my book cover and giving it a boost! You're the best!

    My Texans are gonna stomp your Cowboy butt all over the field! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    I've totally converted to up nights/sleep days and I'm in harmony with the universe once again. :) Nocturnal, I am!

    Loved the videos of the beasties, btw! Those are great!