Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Onwards and Upwards

Last night we took Sheridan to a Cub Scout recruitment. He was almost vibrating with excitement and I thought I was going to have to sit on the boy during the meeting. And of course with my CMT acting up, I barely had the energy to sit upright. Anyways, we signed him up and a lot more of my precious time is about to disappear. Soon, there will be meetings, camp outs, activities, and all sorts of other things involving those two dreaded words...parental involvement. Yep, apparently there is more to having kids than sprinkling a little water on them and then watching them grow up to take care of you in your old age.

Finding time to write is going to get harder.

On the writing front, on online webzine named Dark Fire has agreed to include my story "Storm Chase" in their fiftieth issue...which will be published in early March. It's a great chance to get one of my stories out there in front of people for free. "Storm Chase" was originally published in "The Middle of Nowhere," a horror anthology by Pill Hill Press. It was actually my first story to ever see print, and now it will be my first story to be in a webzine. Not bad for a little story that was originally written as an experiment in one-scene story telling.

Oh well, now I need to go figure out how to mail a book. I promised a signed copy to a blog reader who runs a library. Now lets hope my hands are functioning good enough to sign the thing in at least a semi-legible form. This has been one of the odder phenomenons as the CMT has moved into my hands...I'm losing the ability to write with a pen or pencil, although I still have the ability to type. Different muscles involved, I guess. Oh well, as long as I'm still typing, it's all good.

Not much else to report. I gotta pick up Rowan again today and go do the Starbucks thing. The lady who cleans our house is showing up today, and the place isn't even a wreck. So I guess overall... It's all cool.


  1. When your mailing books, don't forget to ask for media mail, it is way cheaper than first class.

  2. Curious universe- Anika is signing up for 4H. We went to the orientation meeting last week. She's desperate for a pet and we think a bunny will be a good fit- outdoor hutch. She'll learn to take care of it and bring it to the fair. Great adventures but I had the same reaction- phew, evening meetings :). We'll find a way :)

    Sorry to hear about your hands acting up. I used to write three pages a day longhand, now I'm lucky to get out a sentence or two before the writing gets shaky. Another reason I would not be a good famous author- no 3 hour signing session for me :). My hand therapist explained it that writing requires static muscle use, muscles holding a position, while typing is a multi-muscle task. Much easier. I do find my hands get numb after about typing awhile these day.

    Hope that you get a break soon! Congrats on the story! Good news!

  3. Oh, I remember those days so well. Racing from one "fun" activity to another, bleary-eyed and wishing I could go crawl in a hole just to get some peace and quiet. Children's social activities are a real trial for an introverted parent. But, hey, the girl child was having a good time, so I sucked it up and persevered. My favorite memory (not!!) is standing at a girl scout campout, covered in a rain poncho, singing dumb girl scout songs, while rain is diluting my cup of coffee! LOL

  4. @Lenka
    typing makes you hands numb. I've kind of had that issue lately, but I hadn't associated it with typing. I'll pay attention to that.

    Yes, all of us parents had to stand and clap and bark like seals when the kids did a little song at that meeting. This is going to be hard. Dealing with people without the filtration of the internet is going to make it exhausting. Us introverts prefer email.