Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Edition

Happy Friday folks!

It's another glorious end to another glorious week!  The sun is shining! (well, not yet) The birds are singing! (nope, not yet either) and the roaches driven in by all the rain are having race rallies across our floor! (Alas, this seems to be true.) I think an exterminator may be in our near future.

I went to Rowans open house last night and met her teacher. Mrs. Ruiz has been fantastic with our little monster, and done a great job of both educating and civilizing the little beastie. She still has her work cut out for her, but the progress has been fantastic. It was cool sitting there and seeing where Rowan spends her day, and briefly being part of the world she spends so much time in.

Meanwhile, Sheridan had a playdate with the neighbors kids, and so far I haven't heard any complaints from that direction. Since that went well, it bodes well for future visitation rights.

I bought Karla a new keyboard yesterday, since the boy had an oopsie with a cup of juice and many of her keys simply ceased to function. I got her a new wireless model with backlit keys and an lcd number pad. It's a real upgrade over the predecessor...which it ought to be since the juicified one was six or seven years old.

Now it's my turn. There is a laptop case at Best Buy that I'm lusting after. My current case is more of a laptop sleeve...which my laptop can barely squeeze into, and only if it isn't storing anything else. This other case would store such luxuries as power cables, dvds, pens, etc. Oh yesss, I want preciousssss!

I'm at 52,000 words on Argiope and currently plodding through a charactor exposition scene. It needs to be done for later developments to have impact, and it involves the first attempts of the main charactor to try and understand a certain female lead in the story. Sigh, I'm a lot better when my charactors are just getting eaten by monsters. This icky romance stuff is hard. Although I'm sticking to my guns and doing it from a male POV.

Anyways, it seems the NFL kicked off their regular season last night with New Orleans beating the Vikes. Sigh, I had picked the Vikes for our little writer's pool on the kindle boards. Oh well, the week ain't over yet. As long as the Cowboys win on Sunday...all is well.

As a sign of how tired I was yesterday, I went straight to bed after dinner and didn't stay up to watch the game. All that writing, school visiting, shopping, and doing a load of laundry had wiped me out. Let's hope today goes well too.

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