Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visiting Rowan

I realized the other day, when picking Rowan up from school to take her to her therapist, that I had never once visited her classroom. That is her world for over thirty hours a week, and I hadn't seen what that world was all about. I had intended to...many times...but there was always something else that needed doing, and there was always next week. Only now the school year is almost over, and we are almost out of "next weeks."
So today I went and spent much of the morning in her class. Naturally, she was excited to see me there and my presence caused her to act out a little, but I did get a good idea of what she did every morning. I met her friends, and watched her work on the days of the week and sing songs. She takes after her brother in that she want's to answer every question, even if it's asked of a different student. And it was good seeing her happy in such a safe and nurturing atmosphere.
Sometimes as parents we forget how much bigger our kids worlds are, than just the part we take for granted. It reminds us that they need us in their worlds, whether here at home or elsewhere, because if we don't take part those worlds will carry on with them...and without us.

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