Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Any Progress is Good Progress....Right?

Sometimes, I think my mind just doesn't work like everybody elses. Here it is, time for me to be preparing for the marketing of "The Ways of Khrem," and I'm writing on "Argiope" instead. I just suddenly got inspired and now there are two thousand more words on the manuscript. Now I'm wrapping up a long conversation scene I was working on and the action is about to pick up again. Grandma Lizzie is coming to pay a visit, and she is not a welcome guest.
I haven't just stopped thinking about marketing though. Actually, I'm looking at as a place to build a webpage. I'm just checking to see if I can link to it from so I can have a "buy" button right there. If I go that route, then all my ads will link to my webpage...which will link to the books page on Anyways, I have been thinking on it, and also designing internet ads. I'm also looking at making posters. It's a bit pricey, but I'm thinking of getting a big three foot by four and half foot poster made that can hang behind me at my table at Apollocon. Oh well, we'll see.
On another note. Rowan has been doing well with her walking with Dad training. She has definitely got the stopping and starting down, and knows what is wanted of her. At this stage, I'm still holding her hand though, and I'm waiting to see what happens when we catch her in a less than compliant mood. That will be the true test. But she has been doing well lately. Since I've started rewarding her with candy corn for going to the bathroom, she makes about ten trips every afternoon on her own initiative. We only had to change one pullup on her this afternoon. Woohoo!
The future is so bright I gotta wear goggles...or shades...or something like that.


  1. I thought that's how the mind was supposed to work! But then....I am an artist also. Actually I heard something in a book...imagine that...about how artists tend to have trouble in society because we are used to linking our conscious and unconscious minds in order to work creatively.
    You will certainly understand that. Man, I really miss listening to all your wild and true stories. Looking forward to reading the new ones. Any planned for audio? You know me...I rarely sit still for very long. ;p

    Keep writing...where ever it is....let the mind bleed onto the page!

  2. Thanks, Clover! It's always good to hear from you :)

    There aren't any plans for audiobooks at this time (small publisher and all that). Besides, who wants to hear my twangy voice reading a horror or fantasy story? It would be like Gomer Pyle reading the Lord of the Rings.

    "Then, SHAZAM! That little booger Gollum jumped on that little feller Frodo's back and bit his finger plumb off!"