Monday, May 31, 2010

Hitting the Bigtime

Well, today I did my first radio interview ever, at Page Readers on blogtalkradio. I was interviewed by a fabulous lady named Nanci Arvisu, who did a fantastic job of helping me not sound like Ozzy Osbournes dumber brother.

Unfortunately I did manage to say "uh" about fifty thousand times, and the terror is pretty apparent in my voice through much of the interview. Nevertheless, I managed to get through the show without humiliating myself, and only grew a couple of ulcers in the exercise. I call that an astonishing success.

This writing business is turning out to be quite the adventure. Next thing you know, they're going to want me to go out there and meet real  people and person. Oh well, I'll just take it in baby steps. Yeah, baby steps.


  1. Congrats! Is there anywhere online to hear the interview?

  2. The link should be showing on the top right hand side of this page.