Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Big Four-Oh!

I crossed a big milestone tonight, on Argiope. I entered the forty thousandth word at about 12:20 AM on May the 19th. I have finally got this story going, after an abortive start nearly a year ago that resulted in me shelving the piece. After picking it up and dusting it off this spring, progress has come in spurts. Since I'm aiming for this story to be between eighty and ninety thousand words, I'm treating this as reaching the halfway point. And the most impressive thing is that I added the last eight thousand words over the course of the past week.
Man, if I could have things go like that more often I would be cranking out a novel every three months. Anyways, work is finally flying on it and I have a reasonable idea of where it is going to go. That's a good thing, since I intend to have the first draft finished sometime this summer. I'm considering a deadline of September the first, but we shall see.
Oh, and the 40,000th word was "steepled."
Soon, I've got to get to bed because Rowan's teacher is coming for an in-home visit today, and I need to find a home under all this mess for her to visit. I know it's here somewhere!

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