Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here We Go Again

Another button ad comparison. In this one there are two things to evaluate.

One. The wording is different.

Two. A different type of yellow is being used.

Please let me know what all of you think on these two issues.


Update: Sunday Morning. I just reuploaded the images because the border on one of them had been wrong. Now it's fixed.


  1. I prefer the left hand one, I know it's only an optical illusion but on the right hand one the picture seems crushed up. Also the wording and colour are better on the left hand.

  2. Thanks guys. Everybody seems to agree with you, so the left one it is.

  3. As usual, I'm late! But it's a majority--the darker yellow (on the left) is stunning!!!
    You have quite the artistic eye, Nate--Good deal.