Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Karla's father has regained consciousness, and is propped up and talking in the hospital. That is very good news, although he will be there for quite some time.
On the other front, I have just about finished my first day with the kids alone, and things aren't too bad. I think the change in their routine has slightly affected them, as they appear to be more energetic this afternoon. But so far the damage to my sanity has been limited, and my gray hairs have not multiplied unduly. In a little bit I shall throw them in bed, and myself as well. Tomorrow is going to come early.
And that reminds me. Tomorrow I get my new sink installed! Hooray for a shiny new sink, faucet, and garbage disposal! Now Nate doesn't have to get soaked by the errant spray of a broken faucet every time he rinses something off! Of course, now that we've screwed up and actually fixed something around here, it's going to make all the other stuff that needs repairs really stand out. Like my linoleum. Ugh.
Oh well. One project at a time. I got my new sink, and life is good :)

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