Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving On

I'm now 41,400 words into Argiope. I'm going to have to go back and flesh a couple of things out, but progress is being made. That's what first drafts are all about. I can also tell I'll have to even out the pacing in a couple of places. Once again...first draft. The main thing is to get it written.
Summer will be upon me soon, and I'll have Stinkerbell home with me all day. That's going to make getting any writing done very difficult. I'll probably have to set aside strict hours for nothing but writing, and then adhere religiously to that schedule. I can't see any other way of getting it done. Rowan is going to require attention, and I really need to pay extra attention to her this summer. I don't want her backsliding from all the progress she made this schoolyear.
That will probably mean writing nights at Denny's. Just me, the laptop, and coffee. Sounds like a date.

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