Friday, May 14, 2010


I have updated the look of the blog, in preparation of the release of "The Ways of Khrem." Everything has to look all spiffy and new for the new guests! I haven't felt this cool since getting tinted glasses as a junior in High School. I'm also getting the novel a page of it's own. I'm going to use Blogger to simulate a webpage. We'll see how that works. I don't see any reason it shouldn't.
Been working on Argiope a little, but soon I'll have to change focus again. Other deadlines approach, and other projects beckon. I remember when I thought being a writer meant just sedately working on one project, then when you're done you move on to the next. Alas, that is not the way it works. Today, I shall finish what work I'm going to do on Argiope for little while, then move back to getting the "website" ready, along with trying to come up with another Christmas themed short story.


  1. Love the banner and you're a genius to utilize what you already have--this blogger is designed to hold whatever you want, why not use it???? Good thinking, Nate!