Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girding my Loins

Yep. With Karla out of town for the next three days it will be me versus the terrible twosome. I will be outnumbered by two opponents who are younger, faster, and every bit as committed to their cause as I am to mine. It will be my job to get them up, breakfasted, off to school, picked up from school, taken to therapists, fed yet again, and put back to bed...and that's at a bare minimum. Some unreasonable types out there might expect me to bathe them as well.
And I've got to do all this without the house sinking into a mess the likes of which tends to collapse into black holes and destroy planets. Having the fate of humanity on my hands is a solemn responsibility, and I'll do my best. Just know, I'm behind enemy lines and not expecting rescue. It's a far, far better thing I do...and all that.
Anyways, here's wishing the best to Karla and her family in Ohio as they face this crisis. My thoughts and love are with them all.


  1. Please keep contact with me to let me how Karla's parents are doing. Ms. Lu is my heart just as much as her Dad's.

    Also, I'm only two (yep, TWO) minutes away--call me if you need me or I can help out with anything!


  2. Male bloggers are hard to come by... especially ones who write about being Mom for a few days (you sure you're going to have the time to update the world-wide-web?). I'll be coming back for more!