Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Step Two

Okay, the voters have chosen "dark" over "mean."

Now, should the text be in yellow or white?


  1. white matches the figure- I vote white.

  2. I'm going to vote with the yellow, because it'll be a touch more eye-grabbing. :) The white is pretty, but it washes out and blends too much. Sometimes that nano second in time to catch the reader's attention is all we get--so I'm voting "YELLOW" :-)


  3. Sigh, this is tough. Lenka is right in that the white looks better...but the yellow IS more eye grabbing. It's an ad, so eye grabbing is good. But eye grabbing in a negative way isn't so good. But I don't think the yellow is really a negative...just not as pretty as the white.

    In the next episode of "Nate Waffles on Decisions", I will waffle even more :P

  4. I think you have a winner in both. I can see how the yellow is eye-catching. I'm glad it's not my choice to make :)

  5. Fortunately, I have a little time to procrastinate :)