Monday, February 13, 2012

LOL! at me....

Sometimes I'm just too linear of a thinker.

I should go ahead an get that ebook file ready, but because I planned on doing that after approving the print book, I'm just not mentally at that place yet. It would take about thirty minutes, and common sense says to go ahead and get it done, but nooooooo....

Same thing with starting a new project or getting to work on Dead Stop. There really is no reason I can't...but I'm still in the Shades mindset because it isn't "done" yet. Oh well, it's just a few more days, and I can change gears.

I hope.


  1. At least you are producing. My muse stuck out her thumb and hitchhiked the heck out of here.

  2. You gotta be firm with muses. Give them an inch, and they're off to Tahiti.