Saturday, February 18, 2012

Here We Go Again

Here is something a lot of people may not know about being a writer. 

When you write a book, you are going to read it over and over and over again. You are going to read it so many times you're going to end up hating the author. Then there will come that wonderful day you get the thing done, and then you format it, and get it a cover, and then you get it approved by the printer, and then they send you a proof...

...and then you find more mistakes. 

So you sit down with the book in one hand, yellow marker in the other, and read the damned thing yet again. And you wonder what you had been smoking when you wrote the thing in the first place and somehow made such stupid mistakes that escaped attention till now.


But I've done it. The book was read through...line by line...and yellow marks were made. Then the manuscripts...both for the paperback and for the ebook...were corrected one page at a time. And now the manuscript has been uploaded to Createspace for review again, to make sure it meets their guidelines. I should hear back from them in a day or two and if it clears...which it should...then I order another proof. Then it will be another week of waiting for that proof to arrive in the mail. Then, if it passes muster... which it should... I tell Createspace to publish.

Then I'll be entering uncharted territory again and will have to learn what happens next. While that's going on, I'll get the ebook ready so I can upload it once the paperback is out. Then, assuming I haven't completely broken the internet beyond repair by this time, I should be done.

I hope so, anyways. I think it's a really good book... but I really don't want to read it again.


  1. If I don't get this book out soon, I'm going to crack ME up! Fortunately, I uploaded the corrected manuscript and it got approved last night. So I've ordered a proof using expedited shipping and hopefully I'll have another copy before Friday.

    Then I will be done with ghost stories for a while :)

  2. You say that now, but when its out there and what-not, then you're hooked again and you'll start banging on the keyboard again. Its an addiction and you know it! Lol! I look forward to seeing it! =o)