Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Playing With Cover Art

While the editing for Dead Stop begins, I've also started working on concepts for cover art. The above is my second concept, which takes a bit of a different approach than the first. This one incorporates the element of the storm from the story, while the first one used a bloodsplatter against a white background.

Both utilize the female zombie (nominally the main one that appears in several places in the story) and large ragged fonts in red for the title. They are both comprised of pretty simple elements.  Neither are what I would call true book cover quality. But for now I'm just putting together elements and ideas, and trying to figure out what direction I want to go with this.

Fun, fun, fun!

Now back to editing....


  1. Both are creepy! I think you can have fun making them B-movie cool, not too slick or best seller-style (if that makes sense). Love the movement of the first one, with with wind and the storm. Cover art is fun!

  2. Thanks Lenka. I'm kinda liking the motion in the first one myself. The book moves a lot, and that cover kind of reflects that. I'm also toying with yet a third idea, still featuring the same zombie. Only this one would be based on a scene in the diner with the zombie looking in through the rain studded window. I will have to get some props and do some photography for that one though.

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