Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Cover Art Candidate for Dead Stop

Work proceeds on Dead Stop, albeit slowly.

I'm working my way towards turning the rough draft into a first draft. Then I guess I'll have an entire manuscript for the proofreaders to dig in to. At the same time I'm still messing around with cover art possibilities.

In this second candidate, I have the same picture art but a new font and logo are used at the bottom, and a new blurb is inserted at the top.

Not a lot else to report. Just lots of kiddo time as the kids are home for the summer, with little snippets of writing and editing squeezed in.

UPDATE: I have had it suggested to me to add the word "just" to the blurb and change it to, "It's a dark and stormy night, and Armageddon has just dropped in for dinner." Hmmmm....
There is also "is dropping in for dinner" to consider. Sigh...decisions, decisions.

Hmmm...the whiter text in the title might look better too...

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