Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yet Another New Year Is Upon Us

And it's 2014.

I wasn't really ready for this New Year. I guess I either wasn't through with 2013 yet, or just wasn't ready to make that big leap into a whole new year full of expectations and plans. No matter. 2014 started without me so now I guess I'm catching up.

The month of January was spent pretty much spinning my wheels, but now things are beginning to inch forward. I finally got the cast off my foot, and I have even had molds made for new braces. So things are looking up in the foot department. I've also got most of my edits to my upcoming anthology back from my proofreaders, so I can start moving forward on that as well. I'm even starting to think in terms of backyard projects for this spring. That don't mean I'll actually go outside and do any of them, but at least I'm thinking of them :P

It still feels like it should be 2013 though. This year just doesn't feel "new" yet. Maybe it will kick in during February.

Anyway, Happy New Year....even if it was thirty days ago and still doesn't feel like it's gotten here yet.

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