Monday, September 10, 2012

It's "Alive!"

Dead Stop is now available at in both paperback and kindle versions.

This is my humble contribution to the zombie genre, using an updated and what I think is a more realistic version of the old graveyard zombie. I actually did quite a bit of research before starting this book. I wanted these zombies to ultimately both make sense and be frightening at the same time. I guess time will tell if I succeeded.

It's the story of a small and varied group of people who find themselves caught in a nightmarish and deadly situation. They are trapped in a rural truck-stop by the residents of the nearby county cemetery during the middle of a fierce storm. Many have already died, and their time is running out before the dead get into the building where they are hiding. Their only hope is to find a way to escape before dawn.

The paperback version costs $8.99 and the Kindle version is currently available for $2.99. .


  1. Yay! I have been waiting for this release! Letting the zombie fans on Twitter know, too :)

    Skipping to the graveyard :). Or shuffling, anyway... :)

    Congrats on the release!

  2. OMGosh! Oh, what a feeling! Nate, so proud of you--Dead Stop is here!!!!!