Saturday, August 11, 2012

Goodbye to a Friend

This morning I lost a friend.

After being diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago, Caraboo passed quietly in my bed while I sat next to her.

I just hope Heaven has lots of sunny window sills and a pantry full of canned tuna.  :_(


  1. Ahhh Nate, Sorry doesn't begin to say it :<(

    She was a beauty, that's for sure and a sweetheart.

    RIP Caraboo

  2. Thanks, Cherri.
    Yep. She was my pal. Whether it was as a kitten riding on my shoulder, an adult waiting hopefully at my feet at the dinner table, or an oldster keeping my lap warm while I wrote and edited...she was always there. A lot of times she liked to sleep by my head beside my pillow at night. It's funny how used to a cat you can get.
    I'm gonna miss her.