Sunday, July 15, 2012

The People Have Spoken

I remember once telling a friend that when "everybody" was telling you not to do something, that maybe it was time to stop and at least consider the possibility that "everybody" might be on to something.

With that in mind, I kind of understand how that person felt because sometimes you're just not wanting to hear what a bunch of different people are telling you. In this case, after several eager presentations of the first candidate for cover art to a bunch of different people, the consensus is in. Everybody pretty much likes what I've done with the title, and the blurb at the top, but that the picture itself has just got to go.

And I listened, and I can see their point of view. I didn't want to...heck, I had a cover that wasn't terrible and it hadn't cost me anything. But sometimes you just have to admit that "not terrible" isn't the same thing as good. And this story deserves "good".

So, as I look over the second draft and consider some tweaks here and there, I'm also going to back up and reconsider my options for cover art. The story itself has a couple of scenes that would make a great cover, but that would be way outside my skills as a cover maker. So to go with those ideas would require a pro...which is likely not in the budget but I will do a little research in that area.

Another approach is to try and come up with something that is strong but graphically simple that conveys the tone and story of the book. Not easy, but I will definitely be exploring that option as well. I just don't think this is the type of book that would be served well by a blank cover of some color with nothing but the title and my name on it.

Sigh! Welcome to one of the dilemmas of an indie author. You see? Publishers, even small publishers, DO do things. It's just a different path among many.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Update: Alrighty then! Lets look at Cover Candidate Number Two!


  1. Hey Nathan you could always try the forums at deviantart. Don't post in the job offers forum, unless you offer thousands of dollars you will get some hate mail. But in the services forums you can come across some talented young artist who will do a cover at a very reasonable price just to have it in thier portfolio. If you don't find one the first time check back in a day or so and they will be completely different posts.

  2. Sorry to double post some info you probably already know but if you commission art be sure to ask for CMYK color and at least 300dpi resolution.