Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Day at the Lake

I have now uploaded Dead Stop to Createspace, and my first author's proof has been shipped. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but this step really helps in that process. Having my novel in book form makes catching errors that made it through the early phases of editing really stand out for me. I really recommend that other indie writers use Createspace just for this reason alone. But anyway, while I wait for the proof, I've given my brain a couple days off from writing and editing. Instead I'm just using the time to kind of cogitate and let the lessons of this latest project sink in.

My family and I joined some friends for an outing to Double Lake in Sam Houston National Forest. Unable to frolic in the water with the others, I amused myself by doing some photography. After all, one of those lessons I'm letting sink in is that if you're going to do your own covers, you're either going to spend money on cover art and licenses to photos, or you need to build up your own library of photographs for future use. So everybody had a good time swimming, fishing, and me doing photography.

I also kind of toyed with some story concepts that were inspired by my new surroundings. I have definitely got to get out more, because of that very inspiration. It's too easy for a writer to become a hermit, especially if that writer has mobility issues and kids. I'm gonna have to work on that. Hermits make better philosophers than fiction writers. And photography would probably be a good reason to do it. It's creative, inspiring, and only as physically demanding as you make it.

Photography = Good
Lazy Hermit = Bad

Gonna work on that.


  1. Big congrats on getting Dead Stop off to the printers...:>)
    And great pics of the "outing". Sounds like all had a wonderful time.

  2. Thanks, Cherri :)
    Yep, everybody had a ball. The kids learned a whole new type of water to swim in besides a chlorinated swimming pool, and I got some sun as well. It was a good day for all of us.