Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aw C'mon!

Sigh, not the most productive of weeks.

I intended to start a diet today, but since my son's birthday party was yesterday the house is full of cake, ice cream, and other gastronomical land mines guaranteed to destroy my will power in seconds. So, instead of dieting my new plan is to eat it all up so I can start dieting after it's gone. Yeah, I know there is a flaw in that logic somewhere but it's a plan, and it's what I got.

And the frustration extends to the writing front as well.

Once again, my famous plague of Almostdoneitus rears it's ugly head. Just a few more chapters to go and the rough draft of my next novel is done. Of course, that means every word suddenly becomes a labor to write, and I'm down to churning out a feeble two hundred words a day. Gah! Some people have trouble getting started, while I always start struggling as I approach the end. And the hilarious thing is I know exactly how the thing ends. Fortunately, I gave myself a month to finish this thing and I think I will still make it in under the wire. That will give me the summer to focus on editing, and cover design.

Then I suppose I could dust off Argiope and see what I could do with that. Wouldn't that be awesome? Getting three books out this year? It's actually remotely possible. But for now, I will focus on finishing book two.

Assuming I can finish these last few chapters and not eat my laptop :P

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