Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tis the Gut a Pumpkin

Karla and the kids get in the spirit of the season....

Sheridan and Rowan each designed their own Jack o Lantern, and the knifework was left to Mom.


  1. I loved Rowan's "Happy Halloween" at the end! Wished you could keep the pumpkins forever--those are true works of art...designed by the kids' own hands. I loved this!


  2. Thanks guys :)
    The kids had a wonderful time (except for Sheridan during the pumpkin-gutting) and Halloween went well. They got enough candy from trick or treating to keep them hyperactive until Christmas.

  3. Zack and Sam made Tigger do all the pumpkin gutting, too. It was too gooey for their little constitutions to handle. Zack carved his own. Sam laid hers out and then directed her minion (read: MOM) to finish it up. I'm still trying to break my 20-year old of that habit. She still wants to hand things to Mom to finish...not! LOL

  4. Why is it that the same kid you can never get to go wash his hands, gets all dainty about getting them gooey in the first place?