Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Governance and Alloting Time

“The Jeweled Thrones of Khrem are a reference to the five noble families that govern the city. The head of the Peliantus family is said to sit upon the Ruby Throne, while the Emerald Throne is the seat of the Estradians. The Tourmaline Throne has been fought over for generations by different factions of the Calvurans, unlike the fearful internal discipline of the Vestrulians and their orderly successions of the Sapphire Throne. And it is amber that encrusts the high seat of the reclusive Morvani, whose number are few and falling.
It is by consensus of the Jeweled Thrones that the Lord Magistrate is chosen to administer those functions of the city that the Noble Houses have not reserved for themselves.” – School book for eight year olds in Haribbean orphanage.

Another potential info snippet from between chapters of the novel. Still looking over the book, and trying to figure out how to rewrite it. I'm even wondering if a glossary is a good idea. It's definitely do-able, I just want to approach it right. I think I'm on the right path, but I can't really focus and put much thought into it while the kids are home all day with me. Oh well, let them enjoy their time at home, because all too soon it will be back to school with them.

I woke up a little under the weather yesterday. Got a little housework done, sent a contract off to LL Dreamspell, and managed to feed the kids. That was probably the best that I could hope for under the circumstances. I mainly just sat on the couch and watched the kids.

The Bears beat the Vikings tonight, which means there is an outside chance that Dallas could actually end up being seeded higher in the playoffs if they manage to beat the Eagles next week. Wow. Lets see if they can pull this off.

On a side note, maybe dieting isn't necessary. I've noticed that all the male writers I've met seem to be on the lanky side. Perhaps getting enormously fat would help me buck the trend and make me fresh and original. Hmmm... it's worth considering.

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