Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working With It.

In the story from yesterday, the character of Catherine Hatcher has now been changed to Tiffany Hatcher. That's just the way stories evolve as they are written. Sometimes you're hunting that right name to hang on a particular character. Thanks go to Cherri Galbiati for helping me come up with a more appropriate name for this character.

It's good I'm a writer, because I was so sore and exhausted today that even writing was taxing. After a weekend of laying turf, catching and releasing raccoons, and taking kids to the zoo, my poor body is rebelling. I feel like I weigh ten thousand pounds, and have noodles for appendages. I can tell, as bad as it was today, that I'm still going to be paying tomorrow too. Bleh!

On an even more exasperating front, our central air conditioner went completely kaput. So the house has been a nice balmy 88 degrees all day. We now have a little window unit struggling to keep things semi-livable until the people come to install a new central air unit on Wednesday. That's assuming the raccoons don't eat them when they go up into the attic. They've been warned.


  1. The raccoons may have gotten into the wiring, or into the unit itself, too.

  2. I hope not. I'll have the guys look into that. But this central unit came with the house, and is way, way past it's prime.

  3. Names for our characters are just like naming our children--gotta get it just right.
    Good luck with the zoo going on in your attic. Maybe all the activity come Wednesday will scare them off--keeping my fingers crossed for y'all!