Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks Lenka!

Lenka, over at interviewed me for her latest broadcast. She did a great job, and I did pretty good too...although I still sound like I come from a backwoods trailerpark with nothing but some extra chromosomes to keep me company.

We chatted about living with CMT, The Ways of Khrem, and life and writing in general. It was a very relaxed experience, and I think I'm finally getting over my terror of interviews. Now I just need to watch out that I don't turn into a huge ham.

Anyways, it was nice talking to somebody who lives with the same condition that I do, and who could truly understand what I was talking about...not just the physical aspects of Charcot Marie Tooth, but the guilt and the embarrassment that comes along with having something that wipes you out for a long time after any exertion. It was cool to talk with someone who also had learned to meter her energy, and make allowances when she knew she was about to do something that would deplete her stores.

Thanks again for having me, Lenka! We'll do it again sometime!

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