Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Game Hunting

Other people put on their camo suits and head out into the woods to do their hunting. We do it in our attic while wearing pajamas. Safari's are for sissies.

It turns out there were three or four of them up there...minus one now. It was pretty calm about the whole thing until I got the cage down into the living room and the cats came to investigate. That didn't go over with it well. So I took it out to my car and I turned it loose in a nearby park, unharmed.

Sunday, we are planning to take the kids to the zoo. Now the question is...will Dad be up to it? I did some lawn work today, laying down topsoil and turf, and wore myself out pretty good. Then there were was the great raccoon caper. As mentioned in my interview with Lenka, one of the features of Charcot Marie Tooth is I can wear myself out and be almost useless for the next day or two. I'm hoping I didn't push it too hard, because I'm going to take those kids to the zoo no matter what shape I'm in.

I'm scared to think how I'll be feeling on Monday...assuming a raccoon don't eat me.