Friday, June 11, 2010

So A Raccoon Moved In To My Son's Room...


Last night, the boy had been hearing "strange noises." He wanted Mommy to come lay down with him to keep him company. She finally relented, and went to do so...then about a minute later came back out and told me to go get the live trap out of the garage. Quickly realizing I couldn't do that, she then told me to go hold the boy's closet door shot and SHE would go get the live trap. The boy was ordered into our room, and the trap set up in the middle of his floor.

She told me that there was a raccoon in Sheridan's closet, and that it appeared to her to be a juvenile. We  left the closet door slightly open and closed the bedroom door out to the hall. Our only can of canned catfood was left in the trap to tempt our midnight intruder. Karla then went to bed and I went out on a writer's night out.

The next morning we open the door to discover that the raccoon had not fallen for the trap, but had returned to his playground in the attic above. Shortly after that, the trap caught our cat.

Oh well, at least the trap works.

Today I go back to work on the short story I've started. All I've got is the opening scene so far, but I think it sets the stage and the charactors well. It's basically just two women talking as they go through stuff in the attic. So far, so good.


  1. They are clever little critters! (referring to the raccoon-LOL) Sort of reminds me of that story you wrote, "Dog Matters," except this time the monster REALLY was in the closet. Your life is never boring!

    Enjoyed the Writer's Night Out--


  2. But I like boring! I really, really do!

  3. I took care of it. Nothing to worry about. I made sure it couldn't repeat the performance.