Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Morning

Today is Rowan's new "therapy day," which means I'll be gone for most of the day. She will be taken to the Woodlands and dropped off at her new school at nine oclock, then picked up a little after noon to be taken to her two therapy sessions at Children's Hospital. That means I may as well hang out in the Woodlands for the day.

I'll probably hang around Barnes and Noble, and the Mall. That way I can do a little more research, if nothing else. B&N has wifi, so maybe I will take my laptop.I have a huge 17.3 inch laptop, so it's not all that mobile. Maybe I'll look and see if there is some store there with a better carrying case for it. That would be good, since the one I have can barely have the laptop squeezed into it and there is little room for accessories or anything else.

On another note, I may have finished the first draft of the wedding dress story. I say "may" because I'm not sure if I want to add one final part or not. It could end where it is now...but it would be kind of abrupt. It actually ended up going a different direction than originally envisioned, but I like this version better. That's the way these things tend to work out. Stories take on a life of their own when being written.

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  1. "...Stories take on a life of their own when being written. "
    So true. The results are often better than planned. A day away from it at the Mall might be beneficial, too.