Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Short

Not a lot to add today, just a few thoughts and musings.

I did a review of Skyline yesterday, and even in hindsight I don't think I was being too harsh. It really was a dumb movie. And after checking Rotten Tomatos, it appears the vast majority of critics out there agree with me.


But, it was a dumb movie with a very good trailer..I'm going to check over the next couple of days just to see how the movie does. I wonder if it will do well, and how much that good trailer had to do with it. That would be depressing but educational. It would be living proof of marketing over quality. Oh well, we shall see.

On another front, In light of my recent posts on bad guys and how maybe I should start with them, I decided to start making a list of antagonists. At the moment, I wanted ghosts for another Shades story so my antogonists reflect that. So far the list is short because I slept in and then had to make that aforementioned chili. Anyways, so far the list includes....


1.      A suitor murdered by a jealous competitor returns on the couples tenth anniversary to seek vengeance.
2.      A river pirate murdered and buried with the treasure of his depredations is not in a mood to share when it is found by others.
3.      A hatchet murderess from a previous century returns to retrieve an item stolen from her museum of a house  by a couple of young teens.
4.      A member of a western show finds his next scheduled gunfight is with the outlaw he has been portraying for the past ten years.

It ain't much, but it's a beginning

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  1. I love #4. Sounds very intriguing.