Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Few More Thoughts on Halloween and Stuff

One thing I noticed Sunday night, was the enormous amount of kids in black costumes with no reflective surfaces of any type, or glow sticks, or anything to to warn drivers of their presence. I went to the store on Halloween night, and drove about five miles an hour through my neighborhood while having an ulcer over child sized shadows suddenly flitting across the street ahead of me, or wandering out in the road. It seems to me to be only a few years back when Halloween costumes came with all this bright reflective tape on them. What happened to that?

I know my kids didn't have it, but we had a prearranged route in a cul de sac where there was no traffic. There were literally hundreds of kids out on the main street of the neighborhood, and they barely showed up even when they entered my headlights. Has there been some kind of change in consumer safety rules or something? Or did people and companies just care more a few years back?

Oh well, at least I managed to get to the store and back without splatting any kids.

On another note, today was a rather productive day for me. I managed to get the living room and kitchen in decent shape AND get my word count on Argiope up to near 72,000 words. Progress continues. I now have Adam, the protagonist, in a hallway having his first conversation with one of the people who have been trying to kill him. It's an important scene, and it seems to be coming out a little flat. I'll work on that.

Oh well, it's Starbucks today!

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