Thursday, November 18, 2010

Late Start

Sorry Folks. I had a hard time climbing out of bed this morning, then had to rush to get the kids out the door. After that I stared stupidly at the internet for almost forty minutes before I realized that I run a blog. Then I took another minute for my sleep stupified mind to remember what a blog actually was before I could head this way and start typing (probably incoherently) in the "make new post" box. So there's that.

It's Thursday...a day who's only function in life is to separate humpday from the glorious anticipation of weekends that comprise Friday. It's only saving grace is that it's not Tuesday, which is even further away from Friday. It may be nowhere as days go, but at least it's nowhere with proximity to something better. (See the garbage I write when I'm late and catching up?)

I've shelved the Frontier Days story for a little while and jumped over and reworked part of Argiope instead. Now that I ripped out and rewrote the last four pages of Argiope, I feel a little freer to go forward. I had sort of written myself into a literary mudpuddle and was spinning my wheels.

I heard the raccoon playing with the light socket above my bed again last night. I think it's decided to drop the entire contraption on my head while I sleep in revenge over the cookie cutters. I'm gonna have to catch it first or start sleeping under the bed. Sigh.

The boy's hearing aid has stopped working again. This is the third or fourth time since school started. We keep taking it in, waiting for two weeks, then getting it back...only to repeat the process in another couple of weeks. It would be nice if we got a note back with the thing stating what was actually going wrong with it. My guess is that it has something to do with being attached to a hyperactive seven year old. But that's just my unprofessional opinion.

Okay, that's about as coherent as I get on short notice.



  1. You totally messed up that raccoon's Thanksgiving plans. How can you make cookies with no cookie cutters? Therefore, revenge will be taken.

    I can't imagine how a delicate piece of equipment like a hearing aid could suffer from being attached to a rampaging seven-year old...LOL

  2. Ditto...on what Stephanie said. LOL LOL LOL!