Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Home Upgrades

Well, I survived another night without getting bumped off by any vengeful raccoons. I know it's up there in the attic, biding it's time, so I'm looking for something to bait the trap with. I realize it's going to come down to me or it. The kids are two young to be of help in this battle, and the wife has designated most domestic problems to fall under the catagory of "Nates Problems." That leaves me with nothing but the cats for allies...and cats are only your allies when you are in the act of pouring their cat food into their bowl. One second before or after that act and you're on your own.

So it's Me vs. The Raccoon.

On another note, our new couches arrive today. After twelve years of friends, family, roommates, and finally orangutans masquerading as human children, our couches are decrepit shells of their former selves and it's time to send them to that big furniture warehouse in the sky. So Karla bought us some shiny new couches to grace our living room, and for the kids to admire at a safe distance. They will be allowed to sit on the wonderful new furniture once we are assured they can do so without causing stains, breakage, or strange smells...probably sometime after they return from college.

I got a little done on Argiope yesterday. Actually quite a bit, but it was all in the form of rewriting so it didn't really go towards improving my word count...just the story. Still trying to figure out how to ease into that romance angle. Lately the story has been at the stage where the protagonist is totally smitten by this girl but thinks she is both unavailable and out of his league. Now he has just discovered that he has completely misunderstood the relationship between her and another man. But there is still the whole "out of his league problem." We'll see.

Oh well, the weekend is upon us. Enjoy your Fridays!

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