Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump Day

Just got the kids on the bus, and watched it carry them down the street and to a world I really don't have a part in.

I don't feel it as much as when I first started putting them on it, but from time to time I still do. I watch them grow bigger, and see them come home and wonder how their days went. I ask and get the canned "Great, Dad" response and just sort of hope it's true. I know their grades are good for their respective classes, and just hope the rest is good for them as well.

Writing is going in fits and starts. I started to get on a roll yesterday, but then had to go pick up Rowan for her therapy. Then later I started to pick up the pace again but the boy got home with his usual whirlwind of "himness"  and all writing came to a halt. We'll see if I get anything done today.

I've been thinking on the topic of revenge again lately. I'm guessing I got a short story in there somewhere trying to come out. I've played around with my jilted fiancee/kidney idea but it seems sort of half baked. It's like there is a story in there, but it's not ready yet. So I'm kind of writing it with the idea I'll cut the story out that I find in it later and see what I can do with it.

Anyways, I hope everybody enjoys their Wednesday. We're halfway to that glorious weekend, folks. Hang in there!

And a brief comment on the Wade Phillips firing from the Dallas Cowboys...The only person who for sure benefited from that is Wade Phillips. At least the nightmare is behind him. Whoever is the next coach for the Cowboys is going to face the same problem that Wade did, and that is the players knowing that they play for somebody else but the coach. If the HC isn't the final authority on who gets played and how, then he may as well not be out there.

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