Sunday, November 21, 2010

Megamind Review

Last week I reviewed the disaster that was Skyline, so I thought I would try my hand at movie reviews again. This time I had the seven year old in tow, so I decided to go see Megamind. It was a much, much better movie and I'm even giving it an extra star (although I don't use stars) just because it isn't Skyline.

The premise is fairly straightforward...two babies from alien planets are sent to earth to avoid their worlds destruction. One, is a virtual clone of Superman and lands in the home of wealthy parents where he is doted upon and grows up to be the great hero of Metro City. The other lands in a prison yard and is raised...differently. The two meet in school and the boy that becomes Metroman is the popular class favorite, while the juvenile Megamind finds his attempt to impress his classmates with his genius tend to end in disaster. Finally giving up, he decides to become a master criminal instead...and the rivalry is born.

The two have many great battles throughout the years, always ending with Megamind's plots being foiled and Megamind back in prison. The heroine, reporter Roxanne Ritchi, is always rescued and carried to safety by Metroman and everybody lives happily ever least until the next showdown.

Then one day things turn out different.

Much to everyones amazement, including Megaminds, one of his plans actually works and Metroman is destroyed. Now the city is defenseless, and the evil mastermind takes over. The problem is that after an initial period of joyful plunder Megamind finds the thrill is gone. It's too easy, and none of it seems to matter anymore. (this is where the adults will pick up on the point that Megaminds whole existence, including his very identity as a supervillian, has been dictated by his rivalry with Metroman, and now his very world is starting to crumble without him.) So in an effort to get the old thrill back, he finds a piece of Metromans DNA and injects into somebody else in order to create another superhero rival. At the same time, he also finds himself masquerading as an ordinary human so he can date Roxanne Ritchi.

Needless to say, the attempt to create a new rival goes awry as the person he injects is a whole different personality than Metroman, and is actually a loser himself who ends up using Metromans powers to take out his frustrations with life on the city. Now it's up to Megamind to take on a new role and try to save the day.

Overall, the movie succeeds at pretty much everything it attempts. It managed to keep my hyperactive seven year old quiet and in his seat, while being enjoyable to me also. There is plenty of action and slapstick for the kids, and yet still enough satire and intelligence to appeal to the adults. The voice acting is spot on, and the little twist near the end alleviates the one moment that might have been a little too dark for some kids. On a side note, I found it interesting how both the supervillains were actually products of their obsession with somebody else.

If you have a kid, take them to see Megamind...but you don't need one to go see it if you want to. I give it two thumbs up...with an extra star thrown in for not being Skyline.


  1. Nice review. I watched this movie last night with my whole family. Its a nice movie ans we all enjoyed it. My kids were also insisting to watch it again.

  2. Thank you. This is the one movie I've seen twice this year, and it didn't hurt watching the second time.