Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Tired

We did a trial run of our vacation this past weekend, and took the kids to Galveston and the Moody Gardens pyramids and water park. It was very informative and I will be sure and adapt what I learned so I will be ready come vacation in August.

I learned I will need to better pad my left foot so the new brace doesn't hurt it.
I learned that while Rowan has come a long way, letting her walk without holding her hand is just asking to see her disappear in the distance.
I learned that eating low carb and gluten free can be difficult at water parks.
I learned that Days Inn in Galveston has decent rooms but their bathtubs are going to kill somebody. (we won't be staying there during vacation though)
I learned I will need to bring my own Stevia and Zevia with me since I now consider aspartame to be evil.

I know I'm tired, and the kiddos will be up bright and early in the morning and expecting me to entertain them.

Sorry for the short post folks.

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