Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm a One Man Zombie Apocalypse


     I have gone and done something stupid. (like that’s a first or something)

     I have gotten my sleeping schedule completely messed up to the point that I’m sleeping in a three hour and four hour blocks of naps. The problem with that is that I’m grainy eyed and tired, and there is simply no way for me to write in this shape. I’ve got one month until the kids are out of school, so I need to have the rough draft of my novel finished by then. It’s gonna be close.

     That’s assuming I can get my sleeping back on track. The problem is that my body easily adopts these new silly schedules and wants to stick to them, even though they leave me stumbling around like a zombie. The last ten days have been pretty much a waste.

     And it’s all because I have stumbled onto something that is evil beyond human comprehension. Something so vile and insidious that I never had a chance. Something that snared my poor mind, and has me circling it’s irresistible flame like a deranged moth.

     That something is called Minecraft.

     So all you other writers take heed from my misery, and avoid this game like the plague. It will mess you  up.


     Need sleep. Must write. Error….error….error…

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