Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation is Over

So we are back from Galveston...and the aquarium wouldn't let us bring the shark cage home with us. Sigh.

It was actually a good time for everybody. We went to Moody Gardens and did all the pyramids...twice. We did the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit...twice. We saw 3D Imax movies...several times. And we walked The Strand and I blew up my diet in a candy store. We also went to a water park...twice...where Karla chased kids around the pools while I read my Terry Pratchett book since I can't go in the water.

So I guess everybody came home a winner, and now we're all recuperating.

I still could have really used that shark cage though.


  1. Nate, glad y'all had a good time! Since you're so creative--why don't you build your own "shark cage?" hmmmm. Sounds like you guys had the time of your lives. :>)

  2. My creativity comes more in writing nowadays. I leave the actual building of physical objects to my father and brother. They're less likely to lose a finger :P

  3. Hardly. Have you looked at Daddy's hands?? LOL.