Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Humpday Productivity

So Gerald Plimpton and his dismal girlfriend Holly will be joining the cast of Dead Stop. What I will do, is simply continue writing the story with them in it, and go back and insert them in a couple of earlier scenes later. They really don't do anything up until this point anyways.

I have also looked at some potential cover art for the Shades collection I will be putting together soon. I am waiting till I get the rights back on another story next month, so I can add it to the collection. And I'm also working on a short story on the side that might make it in there too. As it is, I will soon be pulling down and unpublishing the individual Shades story from

Mainly, my productivity the last couple of days has  been an archeological enterprise centered around chiseling down through the layers of clutter to see what remains of the house I remember living in years ago...before the kids showed up. My son's birthday party is this weekend and we are having guests, which means I needed to clear out room for them to occupy once they arrive. I've actually made good headway, with the help of my lovely assistant Karla.

Today, I will go get my car inspected and the tags updated. So more is getting done. This week seems to be mainly getting caught up with stuff that I've been slacking off driving around  with expired stickers and inspection tags for a month. So I've been really good the past two days, just not doing a whole lot of writing. I imagine my writing will be spotty between now and the party, and then I intend to accelerate and try to finish this story by the end of May. Yay!

Anyways, that's my news for now. Happy Humpday, folks!

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  1. Perfect "jerk" name for a pseudo-intellectual schmuck.