Friday, August 23, 2013

Progress is About to Pick Up

     Yes, it is that time again. In just a few short days that wondrous yellow vehicle will show up to transport my children to magical lands of education...and me to the wondrous realms of six hours of undisturbed peace and quiet. I love the little buggers dearly, but they are like two blond-headed little obstacles to progress when it comes to getting anything published.

    Now the serious work begins.

    Spiderstalk still moves forward. I'm doing some checks on a potential cover now. I still intend to do a little photography in that regard, but it may no longer be absolutely necessary; I'm also getting feedback from different proofreaders, and the effects have been very positive. Some scenes are now better than I originally envisioned them, and while the editing and revision this summer has been a long process, it has really borne fruit.

     Much of what needs to be done now is me actually implementing the fixes into the main manuscript. This is something that the aforementioned six hours of daily peace and quiet is going to be perfect for.

     The light at the end of the tunnel draws nearer

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